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  1. @Absinthequ well my point is that the functionality remains the same whether it's Artist or Album Artist
  2. To be honest, I don't see an issue with the "duplicate" songs between artists - mainly because even though the numbers may be initially confusing, I can't think of a time where having a song show up under multiple artists would be an issue. As far as album artists go, I'm not sure why Absinthequ assumes that the album would show up twice when navigating to Artists > Eminem > Encore. In MusicBee on desktop (one of the most capable players), that album would just show once when you navigate there, but under the album artist "Eminem; Dr. Dre". Also, if some are inte
  3. Poweramp already has functionality in which it can parse multiple genres in one field if they are split up with specific characters (Library > Scanner > Symbols to Split Multiple Genres). What I would like is a feature that does the same for artists and album artists. My desktop player, MusicBee, supports multiple artists in a field with use of the semicolon. For example, if the artist field for a song looks like "A$AP Mob; A$AP Rocky; Tyler, The Creator; Playboi Carti; Yung Gleesh" then that track will appear under the artists A$AP Mob, A$AP Rocky, etc. Hopefully this could be impl
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