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  1. Is there a particular format I should use that would work better with Poweramp when formatting the sdcard?
  2. Okay so I've been using Poweramp for a couple days now with the adaptive battery and wakelock settings off and the cutting out has gotten better but the music will cut out randomly and only for about 5 seconds. I can't tell if this is normal given that the output is through bluetooth or if there is still something wrong
  3. Okay. I'll give it a shot. Not being able to use the sd card would be kind a deal breaker for me though.
  4. Yes, the music is on an sd card. Would reformatting the sd card help?
  5. I looked at my settings and realized that adaptive battery was on. Could this have been causing the audio to cut out like it was? The only other thing I was doing differently than usual was using the wakelock option because I thought that would prevent issues with battery optimization
  6. Isn't that what adding Poweramp to the battery saving exclusions list is?
  7. I tried increasing the buffer size both to large and huge. I was not using hi res mode. The only thing that has fixed it has been uninstalling and reinstalling but it seems to come back. I'm not sure if it's something that I'm doing after installing the app. After I install, I turn off the absolute volume in my phone's dev settings, then turn off the eq and tone in Poweramp. I turn on the persistent notifications settings and add Poweramp to my power saving exclusions list. The cutting out happens both with the screen on and off
  8. Momentary and seems to be random
  9. Recently the playback audio in Poweramp started cutting out. Poweramp shows the track is still playing but there is no audio. It happens on the phone speaker and on Bluetooth. I am on an lgv40 thinq on Android 9. Is there any way to fix this?
  10. I see. Well I will be smart about my output device volumes and just not worry about damaging the device with power amp settings. Thanks for your help and sorry for all the questions
  11. I usually max the volume on my phone and adjust the volume on my output device as necessary. Should I not be doing that?
  12. I know, and I like it now that it is loud, I just wanted to ensure that the loudness isn't doing damage to my audio equipment
  13. I just want to make sure that I'm not doing any damage because when I do turn it off, the music gets very loud lol
  14. Will unchecking No DVC for Bluetooth Absolute Volume damage earbuds or cause clipping?
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