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  1. Hi guys I have similar issues with my Samsung Galaxy S3 (stock ROM ICS 4.0.4) with latest Poweramp v2.0.7-build-513 and a Mazda 6 Bluetooth Radio. First of all, Poweramp is a great player and I use it also for my music and audiobooks. I tried different players and for Bluetooth Audio I did not find a better one than Poweramp! Unfortunatelty there are some small bugs, I am sure No. 2 was not present in former versions of Poweramp: 1. After Bluetooth is connected, the Audio starts (even if I disabled "Start on A2DP connection" or "Start on headset connected") 2. After a few seconds, the Audio stopps and I have to press play again. In a few cases, the Track position is lost and the track starts from the beginning. This is very annoying for listening audiobooks, because most of the time I have one 7 or 8 hour file! The Buttons for Skip and Play are working great and the ID3 Tags are also correctly displayed. Thanks for your great work
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