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  1. Well, in Poweramp V3 Spanish-language versión "Transmisiones"is the term used for Streams, You May translate this spanish Word exactly to" Transmission" And is OK, but as sayed here could be better be defined as"Stream", hope You enjoy the URL'S I provide here, maybe this could be My One And Only contribution.
  2. Adding URL in Transmissions menu from main menu in Poweramp V3 build 874, dont know if lower builds Have That functionality.
  3. Here is some URL directions for Smooth Jazz radio stations, they could be a little hard to find so I took some time And put It Here for all the people who wants to be enjoying with good music in this great Poweramp App, hope You like It. Jazz24. https://prod-34-83-211-194.wostreaming.net/ppm-jazz24mp3-ibc1?session-id=2614366cd2f619ab27c37d1dac55b235&source=TuneI Smooth Jazz Oasis ; Inside Jazz The Mix http://fs-insidejazz.fast-serv.com:8282 Smooth Wave Worldwide http://server.webnetradio.net:5074/; Smooth Jazz Mix New York https://hestia2.cdnstream.com/1078_128?cb=696226.mp3 Smooth Lounge. com Global http://sl320.hnux.com/ Smooth Jazz com. http://sj320.hnux.com All this directions are ready to use with the Transmissions menu in the App, Only copy and paste the URL. Hope You like It.
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