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  1. What? I am here just hours ego. I dont know what are you talking about.... I think you can see my profile and you will see what i am talking about. If you can solve it no problem. It is the best app even without a treble working option.. But it is not good you say lies about me. I don't know nothing about a PA Idont know what it is.. I just bought this app and i like it and something is not working... But let it like it is and just dont waste your time and i wont do it too
  2. It is not hacked version Why i would ask about a hacked version here?
  3. Yes I did and I can't hear any changes. Maybe it doesn't hear well, so I tried another app for the treble option just to try. I tried the next app and there is a big difference in the sound. So I don't think it's my hearing problem. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ruralrobo.treblebooster
  4. Yes. I have reseted.(using reset button) I have uninstalled and installed again too. I have made many combinations and nothing works.
  5. Hi. The sound doesn't change at all. No one change. I can move the dial. The curve mapping changes when i move the dial. Equ,Tone,Limit are enabled. Bass,Reverd,Tempo,Stereo,etc works fine. In no one divice it works. 6 or 7 divices. Directly on the phone,it even does not work. Only Treble does not work at all.
  6. Hi. I just bought full version last week and i'm very happy with this app but.... Treble option doesn't work at all.It never works. It is like it doesn't exist. I use: Moto One Macro (Mediatek MT6771 Helio P70 , Mali-G72 MP3 . Android 9) AWEI and VIDVIE headphones. JBL, TRONSMART,VIDVIE speackers. Thankz
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