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  1. Hi there, I've been using Poweramp off and on for a while now and after recently refreshing my phone and loading it up with albums i've run into an issue a number of people seem to have before (i've found the issue mentioned by googling which is what led me here); When an Artist has multiple releases within a single year they default to alphabetical sorting for that year. IE if an album beginning with "A" was released in December it would appear before an album beginning with "D" that was released in June. This is an awkward issue to be sure, but is particularly frustrating to me as i had already solved this issue on my desktop music library by using Full Dates in the "Year" field using a 10 digit system of Year/Month/Day (For example today would be written as 2020.06.16). The issue in Poweramp (and most android music players i've tried as alternatives that all have the same issue), is that it only seems to read the first 4 digits (2020) and no further. Attempting to manually add anything to that field in the tag editor just does nothing and files that already have the year field up to 10 digits simply have the rest cut off. Is there any way to remove this limitation to allow for greater flexibility in the organisation of an artist's discography? I could have sworn i had resolved this issue on a previous version of the app through this method but am not sure if this is just a poor memory or a setting i had enabled and now can't find again. If there is a way around this please let me know, though sorting by Folder is not an option due to the file naming structure listing date up front ([2020.06.16] Fake Album Name) and would massively clutter the browsing experience or require manually renaming every single folder as it is moved onto my phone. Thanks for reference i am on android 10 and version v3-build-874-arm64-play
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