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  1. Bugger. I guess my gripe is with Microsoft then. Thanks for the help on this one.
  2. That's what I currently do with an app called FreeFile Sync and it does the job quite well, but in my constant drive for improvement and laziness I wanted something that would work automatically. In theory Onedrive will download to my phone any new music I have and Poweramp will find it whenever it does a scan. I'm convinced if I can unhide the Onedrive folder on Android, then I would be able to point to it as a Music Folder in Poweramp and job done. Does anyone know how to unhide this folder (I'm told it's where Onedrive puts everything) /android/data/user/0/com.microsoft.skydrive/no_backup/stream_cache/userid
  3. Thanks for the reply. My files are locally stored on my phone so perhaps the mention of the cloud was irrelevent. The issue is Onedrive places the music files in the phone in a hidden folder and I don't have access to it, so when trying to configure Music folders it doesn't show up. Even if I set the entire phone storage as the Music folder to look for music it fails to find them.
  4. I would like to use Onedrive to sync my music from the cloud to my phone but when I setup Poweramp Folders/Music Folders/{phone name} it can not find anything. How do I set it up to use Onedrive folders? I know the music files are there by checking the Onedrive app but Poweramp cant find them.
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