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  1. Hi I get it Example: Track 1 of Committments - no album art, shows as "unknown" everything and is separated from the rest of the album which is elsewhere and also unknown, others have the art but miss track 1 or variations on that theme.... Info/Tags: /storage/68A9-01BE/Music/The Committments/The Committments/01Mustang Sally.mp3 genre: Unknown artist: Unknown album: Unknown (08/09/2018 09;13:14) album art: no embedded album art Sorry Nick
  2. Hi Sorry not to respond - the Full rescan does nothing, I'm not sure where the Menu>Info/Tags are or is - I have only got the "temporary" version at the moment, maybe that makes a difference? Yours Nick
  3. Hello again, Apologies in anticipation... I think the duplication issue is solved: eventually I factory reset the phone, re-loaded Poweramp etc - now I have a different problem which I think may be connected to Poweramp (as I have used the music stored on old device with PA to transfer to new laptop, and then to new phone). Most of the transfer worked well but about 40 albums are classed as Unknown (though usually with the correct album art), and these are missing the first track (which appears by itself as another, separate Unknown without the picture). I suspect this is as a result of a similar fragmentation which happened in Windows Media Player - but this I could "solve" (or so it seemed) by dragging/dropping the bits of albums together: it appeared that all was as it should be. As will be clear: I'm just a user, with no computing knowledge (or inclination) Thanks for any help... Nick
  4. Thanks Andre - much appreciated Nick
  5. I've recently had to change both phone and laptop - most files were easy to transfer, but music has been a problem: having down-loaded to my phone I was unsurprised that the Samsung Music did not bring up album art - I knew Poweramp would, it did, but I now have 2 of every song (x 250 Albums). Deleting Poweramp and all music, I tried Poweramp again: same issue. It seems that the app does not fully delete/uninstall - perhaps it would be useful to know how to remove it entirely? Is there an answer ?- someone has suggested that Poweramp stops other apps getting album art - I've no idea - but I would like to be able to use my machine without glasses and Album covers help - much of the power of Poweramp is wasted on me, I just want to be able to recognise music and play it... Thanks for any help Nick
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