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  1. Sorry I just realised the reason why is because the license was attached to a very old account I forgot about.... I assumed that wasn't the issue. Thanks
  2. I'll start from the beginning, though I'll say that I have the latest version of Poweramp and that my phone is a Galaxy s7 with android 8.0.0 Earlier today I was using Poweramp when suddenly the app became unresponsive. It was stuck on a song without showing the cover art. I attempted to skip through songs, which would be "playing" though the menu was basically frozen and I had no access to the app overall. I restarted my phone which did nothing, so I decided to uninstall Poweramp and reinstall. After installing the trial I had to reinstall the unlocker... the app temporarily works and when it opens it says "Thank you for purchasing Poweramp". Minutes later I'm locked out of the app because it fails to verify my purchase, which is contradictory. I've uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times. I was really confused about this at first but got to the bottom of it and assume this is because, for some reason, my Poweramp purchase from years ago is not in my account purchase history. I have no explanation for this and am unsure as to whether this has happened to anyone else before... Considering how much I love this app I wouldn't be against paying for it again but I'd rather report this bug and get to bottom of things. Thank you, attached are screenshots of the app thanking me for my purchase, the purchase shown within the app store page but not within my purchase history.
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