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  1. Thank you both, Andre and Maxmp. I've just sent a log as requested, and PM'd max. @Andre: I tried deleting the folder(s) immediately after The Orphanage and rescanning earlier, just to see if there were dead files that might have been stopping it there. Nothing made a difference. Hopefully maxamp can get to the bottom of it, and thanks again!
  2. Thank you for your replies. I ran a full rescan and let it sit for 6 hours today. Nothing different. Same "stopping point" even hours later.
  3. It shows the correct number (~55000). When looking at the All Songs list (not Folder Hierarchy) the song titles *are* present, but without any more information on them. Take the soundtrack album The Thing for example. It's alphabetically after the last album that does show up accurately (The Orphanage), so the Hierarchy view gives the correct number of tracks but no run-time, and clicking on the folder gives the "Doesn't Look Like Anything to Me" error, both as seen above. Yet looking in the All Songs view the tracks *do* show up ("Road to Antarctica is a track from the soundtrack), will play when pressed, but none of the other song data is listed as you can see below. *ALL* of the songs from all of the albums alphabetically after The Orphanage (i.e.- "Road to Chicago" and "Road to Perdition from The Road to Perdition soundtrack, "Road to Hell" from What Dreams May Come, etc.) are the same way, as are every track of every album after Resogun in my _Video Game Soundtrack albums FWIW: no song data but will play from the All Songs listing, can't access at all in the Folder Hierarchy view. edit: It's worth mentioning that every song/album from every other folder/subfolder shows up fine. But with nearly 1000 each of soundtracks and video game soundtracks, those folders are obviously the deepest.
  4. Poweramp version 3 build 860, LG G8 ThinQ, Android 10 I just upgraded to version 3 build 860 today after being on the last version of 2 forever. On version 2 *all* of my files and folders showed up, but now in 3 I'm missing a *ton* of files, even though the File Hierarchy viewer reports the correct number of tracks. When clicking on the folder, the message "Doesn't look like anything to me" shows up. BUT if the track is in a playlist, it will still play...I just can't access it through the Library. All of the missing folders come deep down in my _Soundtracks and _Video Game Soundtracks folders. The Library doesn't report *any* files in _Soundtracks after 615 folders, 12636 files (but again, shows the folders and the correct track count per soundtrack) and no _Video Game Soundtracks after 617 folders, 17405 files. I have tried deleting, full scan, re-adding, full scan, and the scanner still won't recognize any files deeper than those cut-offs. I have deleted the next subfolder in each, in case there are bad files in that folder or anything, but no matter what the last soundtrack reported in each folder will be the same, and everything alphabetically after that will be just folders with correct track counts and no files inside. I have run about two dozen full scans, with a variety of settings toggled (.CUE files on/off, tried Default and both Western Tag Encoding settings, etc.). Ignore Short Tracks is disabled (set to Include All), Ignore Video Tracks is disabled (even though there are none), and every single file is an MP3 file. Again, everything worked "as expected" in version 2, as well as my other devices, so I can't believe this is any sort of tagging issue. Is this a bug? Is there a "hard" subfolder limit somewhere in the 615 range? Is there *anything* I can try to re-scan differently? I'm missing almost 13,000 of my 55,000 tracks, so needless to say I'll be rolling back to 2 if this is unfixable. Thank you to *anyone* who may have some ideas edit: When running a full scan the correct number of songs *is* displayed. But the count never reaches that number, and the final "Total" shown afterwards is the correct song count but several hundred folders short.
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