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  1. A little late to thread with no solution at hand unfortunately. However, the engagement that Windows and Android have finally announced, I hope brings more Android on board once they get married. It is the next logical step for Windows otherwise, it will eventually get left behind as hard as that may be to imagine. Where is Motorola? Nokia?(Nokia IS a different ballgame as they are very diversified) They both should of been where Apple and Samsung as the example for Android, should be today. Windows had no choice in their decision IMHO. I realize this does not answer the immediate question asked in this thread but in time I am hoping that emulators and everything they could potentially bring with them, will no longer be needed. It is a win win for both sides. Android would benefit by having exposure to one of the largest platforms in the world. Windows well, the creativity is gone in that company and they seem to be afraid of change. Windows needs the boost that Android could bring. Unlike Jobs, when he returns, cryogenically frozen and there is a portion of their monies going towards a lab within the "Steve Jobs Theatre" to bring him back, the question remains when? How much ass is he going to kick around.....lol....knowing today the character he carried around Apple like an M-60. I truly hope to see that day. I am no Apple fan, but you have to give it to the guy, he took nothing and made it one of at times the biggest money makers in the world. Back to reality, I look forward to seeing how the engagement will go and hopefully Windows won't choke off Android like a jealous spouse, and the marriage happens smoothly and we all finally get Poweramp on our damn laptops without the possibility of threats!! I'm talking clean install right from Poweramp. Please, if I am mistaken and there is an extremely "clean" way of doing it while being able to use, instead of exposing nas and drives as previously mentioned in this thread, please enlighten me.
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