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  1. And btw i posted earlier about the DVC problem on my Pocophone F1 Android 10 update as making the settings default and even tried re-installing doesnt solve the problem. I am regretting the update but somehow want the Poweramp be able to support the new android version. The main issue for me is that instead of improving the volume when hi-res mode is turned on i have the opposite result from it. It lowers the volume significantly and sometimes loses audio. Thank you.
  2. @maxmp I use 11.0.6 MIUI version and Wired earphones as i said lately the bug seems to be inconsistent as i tried it multiple times and most of the time it loses audio and need to reset the settings to restore it.
  3. I fixed my DVC problem by subsequently opening both MIUI Music player with Poweramp the volume gain is fixed if i do it. I just let the MIUI music player open but not playing then proceed to use the Poweramp i dont know how and why it is like this. Update: Sometimes it loses all volume when i do it but resetting the audio fix the lost of volume
  4. I used wired headphones. I will try to reset and check if there will be changes thank you. Edit: No changes even after the reset 😥 i already send support maybe wait for the update.
  5. Currently using v3 build 860 on xiaomi pocophone f1 miui ver. 11.0.4 from android pie to android 10. I dont have volume issues before but after the update the volume is too low when using Hi-Res Output help me.
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