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  1. @andrewilley TagScanner worked pretty well thank you. Since my song files were formatted differently for some I couldn't properly do the title and artist tag, instead I just copied the entire filename I had and pasted into the title tag. This also helped me with restoring all my album art easily since my titles then had the exact same formatting. @JohnnySapphire I think things went okay you might wanna give this program a shot.
  2. Yea this is the function that I was looking to get back. This did happen to me but for those few songs I just manually entered a title then.
  3. @JohnnySapphire So I'm not crazy! This WAS a thing before. I have the exact same issue where all my album art is gone since the titles aren't exactly the same. I'm going to keep poking around for another fix but I might go and write a Python script that sets all the songs' title metadata to whatever the filename is, excluding the extension. I'll update back here once I find some solution.
  4. @andrewilley Got it, thanks. Do you a have possible explanation for this though? I'm sure I didn't have the "filename as title" option turned on at the time and Poweramp would show titles from my filenames without the extension.
  5. @andrewilley Thanks for the reply. What if I wanted to use the "filename as title" option, is it supposed to grab the entire filename including the extension?
  6. Recently I did a full rescan and changed my device name on my phone and now the titles for my songs have ".mp3" showing up at the end (songs with numbers in their filename don't have the ".mp3" in the title for some reason). Before doing the full rescan and device name change I never had this issue before. Is there any way to fix this? Build: v3-build-860-arm64-play Device: samsung SM-G973W (Samsung S10) Android: 10
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