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  1. While I greatly appreciate you replying, you can't just paste the same reply you give to all the chromecast bug threads. I've already searched the forum for a fix and saw that exact explanation several times. As I explained in my original post, I can cast both local and streaming content from Blackplayer, Shuttle, Netflix, and my own device screen casting. So, Poweramp is the only app I have that will not cooperate. Cheers
  2. Yes I've enabled that. I don't care about the artwork in particular, I'm just describing the full extent of my problem. I have tried multiple ways of casting and playing. None work. It wouldn't be so fragile anyway if it was working. In my experience casting is pretty robust when working from any local app, other than the delay. Cheers
  3. The first time I had it going for a few minutes while I did something else. I just tried it again: left it sitting paused after first making the connection for 2 minutes, then pressed play and let it sit for another 2 minutes. Still no sound, artwork, or UI update on the Chromecast. I should note that other than the artwork, the Chromecast UI works properly. If I skip to the next song, it updates right away, shows the upcoming song properly, etc. Although the timebar does not do the same jumping back that the app does. It just doesn't move unless I scrub it manually. Thanks for the response.
  4. Casting audio from Poweramp was working fine a couple months ago. Then I went on a trip and didn't use the app for a while, and it no longer works. This phone wasn't in use, so nothing has changed other than app updates. I can cast both local and streaming content from Shuttle, Blackplayer, Netflix, YouTube, and my own device screen casting. So there is no issue with the actual connection to the Chromecast. When I try to cast from Poweramp, the UI loads on the Chromeast, but the artwork does not appear. If I press play in the app, nothing changes on the Chromecast UI, but in the app the time bar starts to increment showing song progress but resets every few seconds to 0, and the elapsed time doesn't change. If I manually scrub to another time, it will update the time and timebar on the Chromecast UI, but again doesn't actually play music or show any artwork. I have attached a picture of the Chromecast UI. I have tried resetting all Poweramp settings and performing a factory reset on the Chromecast. I have tried a small, medium, and large buffer. I am running v3-853 on Android Pie. My Chromecast is version 1.36.159268. I have attached a picture of the version in the casting settings in Poweramp. Thanks
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