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  1. So far, love the latest alpha release. Album art issue has been fixed. And thank you adding the ability to have visuals change based on elapsed time. Keep up the great work! Poweramp is my #1 choice and has been since I purchased it years ago.
  2. Andre, thanks for the response. I want to personally thank you for relaying information to all of us testers and gathering information from us. I know it's not an easy job, and can be thankless, but we do appreciate you being the "middleman" for what is the best music player out there for Android devices. Thanks!
  3. I'd like to have the visualizations cycle based on a time period that can be set by the user, such as every 15 seconds, it would cycle (randomly) to another visualization. Is this possible in the current v3 alpha release? Currently, it seems I either can set it to cycle when Poweramp transitions to another song, or if I manually do it. The reason I ask is I do have some trance albums that have the mixes of all the songs in one mp3 (some of my older trance albums have the continuous mix separated into separate tracks, but lately, they've been doing the mixed track as one mp3 and leaving the n
  4. Not sure if this has been brought up, but for the first time, I tested this connecting to SYNC blue-tooth in our Ford Fusion car. I have it set to resume on a blue-tooth connection (just like headphones);. With headphones/aux chord in the headphone jack, it resumes play where I left off. With blue-tooth, it resumes from the beginning of whatever track I was in the middle of. Otherwise, still a great alpha. It's my daily music player.
  5. UPDATE: The "hitch" seems to have disappeared. All my gapless playback works great. Love the new Poweramp Alpha. Can't wait for when this becomes an official release. Also, the visualizations are awesome, but I didn't see an option to have it randomly switch while in a song (such as setting a timer to switch to the next visualization in say, 30 seconds). It would be nice to have an option to set the timer value. Currently, it seems I can only set it to switch visualizations when it switches a song, or stays the same no matter what. Having an option to set a timer would be nice. But still, an
  6. Love this. The current stable release (v2) for some reason cannot play gapless from an external SD card. There's always a one second hitch/pause in between the tracks no matter what I try to do (wipe the phone, modify settings) and the SD card is brand new and another music player plays the gapless just fine. With this v3 alpha release, much better. There's still a very quick "hitch" in between the track transition for my gapless music, but at least it's not like the 1 second pause I get with v2. Hopefully, this can be further optimized to make it completely seamless like it was before. Ke
  7. If you mean local folders on your phone, you can do that in settings->Folders and Library->Music Folders and then you can select which folders on your phone you want Poweramp to scan for music in. If you mean your DropBox folders in the cloud, then no. You can't do that. You have to have the music located on your phone in order for Poweramp to find it. What you can do is set up so that DropBox syncs to a particular folder on your phone so that any time you upload new music to DropBox, it will sync back down to your phone and you can point Poweramp to that local folder. But, if you wa
  8. Just download the license part again from Google Play. That's it. Apps are based on your account, not your phone. There are some apps that do look at the device ID, but Poweramp is not one of them.
  9. In our 2012 Ford Fusion (using Microsoft Ford SYNC), I can connect my Android phone via BlueTooth, but it doesn't appear to receive song information to display. Can Poweramp do this? It only seems to work when my daughter connects her iPhone to it (either via Bluetooth or USB). Thanks!
  10. This is the same issue I have as well as experiencing a 1-second lag between tracks which interrupts gapless play back. This only occurs on the SD card. If I move the files to the internal memory, the issue goes away. I've checked the SD card and it's fine. No errors. I've re-ripped the music or downloaded them again from Google Play (or Amazon depending on where I purchased the music from) and still the issue persists, so I cannot point the finger at the files or the rips. I've gone and used another music player and it plays the songs just fine from the SD card with no skips in the tracks o
  11. I don't believe so. It's showing as 165KBPS at 44.1KHZ. I'll dig into some more. Also, last night I did another rip of a live album. Put it on my SD card on my phone and after rescanning my library, played the album. Skipped between tracks again with the slight pause. Launched GoneMad, played the exact same song and no skipping. Played the song on my pc, no skipping. Again, if I start a song in Poweramp, then move near to the end of the song, the pause is either completely gone, or barely noticeable. But, if I let the song play through it's entirety, then the pause/skip occurs. This s
  12. In case you've not seen the FAQs, does anything in http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/articles/323527-skips-hiccups-stutters help? Andre Thanks for the link. I've tried all of that and it still seems to skip between the tracks (it's like sub-seconds but it's enough that you hear the pause between the tracks). Now, there are other tracks I have that I have ripped from CDs that it appears to be working fine, but for others that I have purchased online (either via Google Play or Amazon Music), those skip between the tracks. Currently, I'm running on the stock LG G3 Lollipop ROM, not r
  13. Unfortunately, I tried all of that and none of it helped. I'm hoping that it might get fixed, but at this time, GoneMad is working pretty well for me. If I can get Poweramp to work, all the better so I don't have to purchase GoneMad. There are some things I'm finding with GoneMad that make me go a little mad, but they are little things that I can live with if I can't get Poweramp to work like it used to. One of the other things I've noticed since using GoneMad is the occasional skip/pause while in the middle of song has disappeared. Basically, while listening to a song, sometimes it will do
  14. I'm thinking that there is definitely an issue reading off of SD cards. I'm experiencing issues with gapless music having a sub-second pause between tracks. I've increased thread priority, etc, and none of that has fixed the issue. However, if I move the music to internal memory, it works fine. It used to work on the SD card just fine. Not sure if it's because I switched to an LG G3 and it's currently using LP although the skipping was occuring under KK as well. Google Music also skips, but it does so either on the internal memory or the external SD card. I installed the GoneMAD music play
  15. What would be nice is, if I'm looking at the albums themselves, long-pressing on the album will bring up a context menu where I could edit the genre of the entire album. Right now, it appears the only way to do this is to go into the album, and set the genre of each individual song in the album. If there is a way to do this in the current version (2.5.0-build 488), I would appreciate tips on how to do this. Otherwise, this would be a nice feature to have as I've noticed that some of the albums I've synched over to my phone have incorrect genres and I don't feel like selecting each track to swi
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