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  1. I have the same issue as OP. I have 2 phones: 1 Android and 1 iOS. I use iTunes to manage my music library (yes, sad... I know), and iSyncr to sync music with the Android device. The only stage it makes sense to sort my playlists, which are not exported as sorted within iTunes, is once PA picks them up. I sync daily, thus I have to resort daily, which is really annoying. Is it possible to have PA completely ignore the sorting in playlist files and use a default sorting that can be set within PA? Ideally, PA would have a DB that stores the sort setting for each playlist and applies it, overriding the playlist file, but that may be a lot more work that just having a global playlist sort option that can be configured to override the sorting within playlists.
  2. It fits my budget, but not my pocket. It's not very convenient since I certainly don't want to carry 2 devices. I don't want to unpair/pair my headset between devices when alternating from phone to music while working out, running, cycling, etc. For example, I want to choose wether or not to answer a call while on a treadmill without it interrupting music playback. Basically, I want them to work like my wired earphones work.
  3. Ringtone on silent, DND on: ringtone audible during music playback. Ringtone on silent, DND on, BT phone settings for headset disabled: ringtone audible during music playback. Ringtone on silent, DND on, BT phone settings for headset disabled, headset configured to not use OS ringtone: ringtone not audible during music playback, but music paused therefore silence for the duration of the ringing.
  4. Ah, understood. I wasn't sure if the setting was locked by Poweramp or by the OS. The Poweramp menu doesn't specify a reason. Oh well... This should not happen until a call is answered or initiated by the user.
  5. Thanks for your prompt reply! So, the 'Poweramp always pauses for call via Bluetooth' behaviour is not within Poweramp's ability to control?
  6. It's been over a year now... new phone, new BT headset, same issue. Is there any way to hack 'Poweramp always pauses for call via Bluetooth" so that music doesn't pause when I recieve calls? This can't represent a lot of work, please give us control over this setting. Poweramp is not the cause of the issue, it's clearly an Android issue, but Android doesn't seem to care and numerous posts on the issue have been locked/disabled without any resolution. If we had control over this setting, I could post that Poweramp (paid version, of course) resolves the issue in several forums such as this one. Hypothetically this could result in more purchases of Poweramp Pro.
  7. I realise that Flight Mode would resolve my issue, but it would create others. I still want to be able to use SMS, WhatsApp, Chrome etc. and I still want to maintain a call log.
  8. This not necessarily a feature request or a bug report, so I placed it here. Setup: Samsung Galaxy Note9 (fully up to date as of posting this, Android version 9) Sony MDR XB-80BS and other bluetooth headsets Poweramp 3-build-301 I can't deal with music being interrupted by phone calls anymore. It completely ruins workouts, bike trips, trying to sleep while passing out to music etc. So far the best I've been able to do is have the phone on 'Do Not Disturb' and the headset with 'calls' turned off, but that still results in Poweramp pausing for the duration of the call (which is silent, thankfully). I want Poweramp to continue playing even though my phone is ringing silently and pause only if I answer the call. How? Under 'Headset/Bluetooth' --> 'Audio Focus' I found 'Pause In Call', but I can't change the behaviour since the option says "Poweramp always pauses for call via Bluetooth". I need Poweramp to completely ignore the phone part of my phone otherwise I'm going to have to look into other music players or buy an MP3 player to use for activities that I don't wish to be disturbed whilst performing... which is ridiculous. I think this is an Android problem and not a Poweramp problem, I'm simply looking to Poweramp and its hyper-granular settings to provide a workaround. Do Not Disturb is clearly broken: When turned on, all notifications should stop happening irrespective of whether or not the Bluetooth headset is configured for calls, but that's not what's going on. Ideally, I'd like my phone to vibrate on all notifications (including calls) without disrupting music playback, unless I choose to answer a phone call. I'd also like to be able to make phone calls without having to go into Bluetooth settings to turn the Bluetooth phone calls back on for my headset. I don't understand why this is so hard.
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