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  1. Any movement on Hi Res not working with WMA files? Ta
  2. Hi Res not working with WMA files. How do I disable the Visualizer & just keep my album art on, like in previous versions? Ta
  3. Poweramp ONLY see's internal card - I want it to see the exsd like it did with ICS & GB
  4. Like what. The whole point I am making is that Poweramp build 373 wont see my EXSD Card with JB.
  5. That's a shame. If I have to update, can you make the sound quality as good as the 373 Build? As at the moment it isn't After all I did purchase this product & now it's not doing what i bought it to do.
  6. I installed from scratch & set all the setting from new & it just doesn't sound as good as build 373. Can we fix 373 to work on JB?
  7. I have Build 373 installed on my Galaxy Note 2 & Jelly Bean. I am finding that Poweramp is not seeing my sd card any more. I have updated to the latest version of Poweramp, but I don't find it sounds anywhere near as good as V 373. Is there a reason why V373 is not seeing my sd card on JB? Can this be fixed without updating? Can we have the same sound engine buit in to the next version that was present in V 3737? Ta
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