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  1. I use an android car headunit so i use Poweramp app directly via installation from playstore and i don't play music using smartphone that is connected to the headunit via bluetooth. So what i'm saying is I can't use remote steering on Poweramp app to skip song but the remote steering function is fine with another music app such as preinstalled music player app or streaming music app such as spotify.
  2. I bought Poweramp app for the full version and i think this app is great but one thing is troubled me that there's no remote steering function/features on this app so i can't skip the song whenever i'm driving and i think it's important enough and i have searched on internet about this and i found that a lot of people has this issue on their android car headunit and some people say that if you instal the older version of powerampa such as v2 it has a fully functional feature for the remote steering. So why is the latest version of this app cannot support the remote steering function??
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