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  1. Have had issues with Poweramp for Android since upgrading to Android 10. Unlocked/Rooted Pixel 3XL running Android 10 Build QP1A.1911105.003 When I go to select the music folder, the file menu doesn't allow any navigation. Using the "Enable" button does nothing. I've manually changed the permission on the storage to "allowed" but still no luck. Have had the same issue with (1) v3-build853-arm64-play [853004-ea856f2] from the Play Store; (2) latest v3-853 build from the download page here and (3) the older v3-841 build from the download page here. If I select a music file in the file explorer, Poweramp will play it, but the song won't be included in the library thereafter. Android will sometimes spit out an error message: "No Activity found to handle Intent { act=android.intent.action.OPEN_DOCUMENT_TREE (has extras) }." Attached a log logreader_2019-11-08_13-40-34.log
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