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  1. Try disabling the system player first or make Poweramp the default music player.
  2. Have you checked if you have Bluetooth absolute volume enabled? In case your problem is with headphones/wireless speakers of course, if its only on the speakers of your phone, then its probably a problem with Samsung.
  3. Not sure if this is an Android Issue or related to the app. I am Using the latest Poweramp v3 from Play Store. (v3-build-845-arm64-play [845004-fe2ba78e) My phone model is Honor 8x by Huawei and using the latest android Version which is 9.1.0. I connect my 3.5 headphones and the buttons work fine for a while, then It wont Skip or pause any song, this happens randomly. Probably related to Headset Micro Service? Disconnecting the device and connecting it again lets me skip songs, but the issue keeps repeating. I already tried by disabling Battery Optimization, even given special access to disable anything related to battery optizations, Write System Settings on, keeping the service when the screen is off, respond to headset buttons option, using WakeLock, Keep notification and always keep notification. Nothing Works. Thanks in Advance! Edit: I found out, that a third-party skin for the app was the one causing trouble, not sure how is messing with the settings, but I changed the skin and it works as intended now! I take it back, is still giving me the same error, help please.
  4. I had this issue on a Huawei Honor 8x, all I had to do was to go to sound settings and disable the "3D" sound effect. Not sure if yours has some equivalent function.
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