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  1. Thank you both Andre and flyingdutchman! I appreciate the responses. I actually just installed New Playlist Manager today, for the ability to export saved playlists. I haven't spent too much time with it yet, but am looking forward to messing around with it. If you can add this feature to it, I'd very much appreciate it. Cheers
  2. I constantly edit playlists. It's become a hobby of mine. It's like being your own personal DJ. I have well over 100GB of music so when I create playlists I don't always know all of the songs I'd like added to that playlist at the time I create the playlist. I'm constantly rediscovering songs/albums/artists in my collection, so I'm always updating several playlists as I listen to my music and I realize what songs would be perfect for certain playlists. I typically create playlists by "feel"/"vibe" or certain subcategories. For example I can have the following playlists: "Singalongs" - for songs I know by heart and can sing/rap to. "Gaming" - typically for background music when playing action/shooting video games. Upbeat/intense stuff. "Underground" - a selection of Hip-Hop that isn't considered mainstream. "Lyrical" - songs that have lyrics which impress me "Lounge" - songs that would make good background music for kicking back. Smooth/mellow stuff. "Love songs" - self explanatory. "Foreign" - songs in languages other than English. I could go on and on, but these are just a few examples. I've built many more playlists in the past that I've since lost, which I will attempt to recreate. But you can probably see that there are many songs that would naturally fit into more than one of these playlists. Whether or not this feature is added, I'm still super happy with the PA experience. It's just another thing that'd make the experience better in my opinion.
  3. I also would love this feature. I love building playlists and many times there are songs that I like to add to multiple playlists. The ability to add a multi-select feature when adding to a playlist would be much appreciated.
  4. I think the ability to add a "Play after current song" or "Play this next" feature would be excellent(and much needed). I often find myself wishing this was a preexisting feature and constantly go to my queue and drag items up to the top that I want to hear sooner rather than later.
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