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  1. I stopped using Poweramp years ago because of this. RocketPlayer and GMMP Player both have different ways of bookmarking tracks and are very good music players. I prefer RocketPlayer mainly because it -- plus iSyncr -- works better with my Mac. I like to check in on Poweramp now and then, however, to see if they've gotten their act together yet. It's a great player otherwise.
  2. You might also check to make sure there are no .nomedia files in your sdcard.
  3. I noticed that the playlists with the "imported" prefix were folder-based (?) playlists and that below those were file based playlists without the prefix. I manually deleted the folder based playlists with the "imported" prefix (you can multiselect thankfully!) and even after several changes to the playlists and a couple of full rescans and they have not returned. Fingers crossed!
  4. Hello: I'm just wondering if the fix for this problem is in the works. I did not have this problem in Gingerbread, like the OP, however. The problem started in CM10 on a ROM using an MTD/yaffs2 filesystem. I suspect the filesystem is what is causing the problem. Other details that might help troubleshooting: My music is stored on an external sdcard. I use iSyncr to sync my music from iTunes. My phone is a Samsung Infuse 4G. I've been trying out each beta, but have not seen any improvements with this. I have not seen this problem with any other player on my phone.
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