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  1. This is simply not true! I'm travelling abroad and had data roaming disabled. In order to check my emails, I purchased 10MB of roaming data from my network provider. I didn't notice it at the time but apparently Poweramp ran an automatic update in the background. The next time I tried to start Poweramp, it came up with a Licence verification error and wouldn't play anymore. I only purchased Poweramp a few days ago, I paid money for it and after only a few days I was suddenly unable to use it. This thread was started two and a half months ago, the issue should have been fixed by now. The very least you could do is to warn people before they pay for Poweramp. I suggest you use a large font and write in red on your homepage: CAUTION: Poweramp may be rendered unusable at any time without prior warning!!! Instead, you're denying that the problem even exits. That's the poorest way you could possibly treat your paying customers.
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