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  1. I used your settings and I do have notification and permission enabled. It has to be something with Poweramp being non fully compatible with my rom. I use ZTE Axon 7 too with AEX rom builded on Oreo 8.1. But thank you anyway.
  2. I played with these options and also with notification types. Still no response when I press play/pause/next/previous buttons on mi band. Strage thing is that if I use different music app before I use Poweramp and than while playing music on Poweramp I press fast a couple of times play/pause or next/previous buttons on mi band screen last played app (before Poweramp) is starting to play on the phone. Like there is some kind of catche remembering previously used music app, but no response on current playing Poweramp.
  3. Interesting, so it is possible to fully control music from Mi band in this app. I used widged also and playing in background and still no luck. It has to be something else. Maybe it has something to do with settings in the system itself. Anyone has any idea? There is obviously something different with those two apps ( soundclound and power amp) rest of music apps work correct on my phone with mi band.
  4. Hello I use Poweramp regularly, but now, after buying Mi band 4 I'm looking for alternative player, because only in Poweramp (and Soundcloud) I cannot control my music from the Mi band. In other popular music applications like, Tidal, Spotify, Google music, YouTube, Hi-Fi cast everything works great. I see that power amp uses different music control panel, same as Soundcloud. And in both of those apps there is no way to control music from a band (only volume change works). Can you implement more universal music control panel like most popular music apps have? I think it will not require huge changes and Power amp will be more universal app overall. Mi bands 3 and 4 are very popular now, and many users like me use them for more convenient music control.
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