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  1. Andre, I think your on the right track. I will try and explain what is going on the best that I can. In order to play music I have to sign into Amazon Music, my play list are on their site. So based upon what you are saying, I guess that I am streaming my music from Amazon. I can not locate anywhere music files on my phone or my laptop. Is there a way to download music from Amazon and into a folder, or does my list just remain on Amazon's site ?. So am I just S.O.L. on using Amazon as my music source ? What other site is good for downloading, is there any service where you just pay a flat fee or is no charge at all ?.
  2. OK, I do have my play list on my lap top, which is a Dell Inspiron 13, my phone is a Samsung S9. I have compiled my music play list using Amazon Music Prime. I feel good we are going to get this, thanks for the help
  3. No, I did not copy the tracks, I've been trying to figure out how to copy and can not figure out to copy. Nor do I know how to find the file format, I'm feeling really stupid, none of this can be that hard. I am missing something.
  4. I am pretty certain I have v3, I just down loaded it two days ago. I have tried everything, at my wits end. I am sure that this is not this hard, but I am starting to feel like an idiot.
  5. Could someone help me out, I'm old school plus old and don't always understand this tech stuff. I just installed Poweramp, I would like to transfer my playlist on Amazon music into the Poweramp player. Could someone please post or send me a very simple way to do this ?. I really hope someone can ASAP
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