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  1. with new Poweramp update it is working. thank you very much
  2. Hello to all. Is There any update with this issue? Thanks
  3. I just tried with my previous phone (S8) and it worked perfect, everything was displayed. I played Two track, one was HiRes flac and the other a flac. Android Auto and Poweramp were just installed, so both are lastest version for this trial. Only thing i had to do was to enable developer options at AA and unknwon resources. This are the same files i send to Max for testing. Now i am sure this is an S10 issue Cheers
  4. Poweramp build is 838 and Unlocker 301 Android Auto is 4.4.592344 This happens for all files, flac and mp3 I used it with no problem with my Samsung s8 last week. Now that i changed my phone the bug appeared. For me it is something between Poweramp and Samsung Galaxy S10. Also both Samsung are with same Android 9. Tomorrow i will try with S8 to discard things Cheers
  5. Hello to all. I have the same problem as loopfish. I just switch from Samsung S8 to S10 and no info is shown on display only when Poweramp is playing. That doesnt happen for Spotify or Google Music. Also noticed that while on Maps, and song changes, there is a notification that shows album cover and idtag, also on main screen of android auto, but not on Poweramp main screen. By the way it is USB Cable connection to my headunit. I am running updated app. So if other player have no problem to show idtags and album cover, why does it happens with Poweramp? Maybe someone can help in here. If more info is needed, just ask. Main Poweramp Screen Album Search Main Android Auto Screen (Album cover and metadata shown) Notification while on Maps (Album cover + Metadata) Google Music (Same S10) Spotify (Same S10) Thank you Juan Carlos
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