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  1. I can also confirm now playing track info is displayed in full :) thank you team
  2. Update: I noticed that v836 on the Moto G6 was the 32-bit version - the S10 had v868 64-bit, so I tried the exact same version on the S10; v836 32-bit, from APK Mirrors, and a track info was actually displayed - but it never changed when I changed tracks - it was stuck on the one single track! This is very frustrating. Want to use Media Monkey but I can't get that to support my Folders in AA at all!
  3. well, it did used to show the currently playing track when I had a cheap ol Moto G6! Car is a 2016 Skoda. So where do I go from here? I can't see any updates for the car head unit, the phone is fully up to date, and of course I'm using the latest Poweramp...
  4. Here is what I see using Android Auto: List: Currently playing:
  5. @andrewilley actually yes I do. However no list is available.
  6. Hi, Since upgrading my phone to a Galaxy S10 from a Moto G6, I no longer see ANY track info about the currently playing track on my car display in Android Auto mode. Nothing. No filename, artist, track - nothing. And if I return to the parent list, it doesn't indicate what the currently playing track is either. Help! Paid for pro version and expected better. Thanks, Sam
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