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  1. Figured it out, had to delete everything on sd card then put back on, now PoweAmp reads everything
  2. I have Poweramp on five phones and I recently got a new phone and moved my sd card from previous main phone to new one and now when I go to music folders in settings and select my sd card Poweramp is not reading all the folders on my card. I have six folders under one music folder, so I tried not having a single music folder and just the separate six folders, and Poweramp still wont recognise two out of six folders. This never happened on any of my other phones. If I put sd back in old phone it works fine, back in new phone and still just four out of six folders, Even after full rescan and hitting quick rescan at top of library page many timed. I also tried uninstalling Poweramp and reinstall and still having same problem. Poweramp has been my only music player for years and is only one that does everything I need, but this is driving me crazy, I've spent hours trying to figure it out, dont know what to do
  3. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Active and a Kyocera Duraforce Pro both with V3-Build-853, Both are the most current update available for each phone and my problem is different artists with albums that have the same name are all getting the same album art, even though I manually pick what art I want from my pictures app. I have everything in the settings for album art turned off on both phones but this still keeps happening. What ever the last picture I pic is the same on all albums with the same name, This is driving me crazy, My older Galaxy S5 Active has V3-Build-838 and has no problems, Is there a way to get the older version on the newer phones? Or something in settings? Also I tried clearing the cach and rescan with no luck. Sorry for the long write up but any help would be GREATLY appreciated, Thanks
  4. I tried clearing the cache and rescan and still the same, All my settings are the same as older phone with older Poweramp version that dose not have any problems
  5. Yes, I just updated to the build-841 and same thing is happening
  6. Hi, I am having a problem where albums from different bands with the same name are all getting one cover for the album art, even though I manually pick what cover I want from my pictures app. Is there anywhere in settings that I can keep this from happening? The version of Poweramp is v3-build-826-play (full version), Another phone I have with older version dose not do it
  7. I changed some things in my phones keyboard settings and it had no effect when in Poweramp, just on internet and note apps
  8. Ok, Thanks, I will check keyboard settings to see if there is option
  9. Hello, I have had Poweramp on many phones and it is by far the best music app. My question is about when I am in Info/Tags and then Edit Tags, all of my old phones would learn words as I typed and would make entering song info much quicker, for some reason the newest version of Poweramp on my current phone wont learn words witch makes editing song info a very slow process. I have gone through everything in settings and cant find a solution, also I still have an old phone I just use as a music player and it works on it so I'm hoping that the newer version of Poweramp did not get rid of the option. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks
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