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  1. I changed some things in my phones keyboard settings and it had no effect when in Poweramp, just on internet and note apps
  2. Ok, Thanks, I will check keyboard settings to see if there is option
  3. Hello, I have had Poweramp on many phones and it is by far the best music app. My question is about when I am in Info/Tags and then Edit Tags, all of my old phones would learn words as I typed and would make entering song info much quicker, for some reason the newest version of Poweramp on my current phone wont learn words witch makes editing song info a very slow process. I have gone through everything in settings and cant find a solution, also I still have an old phone I just use as a music player and it works on it so I'm hoping that the newer version of Poweramp did not get rid of the option. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks
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