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  1. Good results here too would it be possible to make a config option to disable the Google Services? I bet most people don't use Chromecast in the first place
  2. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=eu.faircode.netguard That's the firewall I used, there are others but this one worked for me And yes, no more album covers.
  3. Ok, I have found the solution for me. Block internet Access for Poweramp. Solved it for me, any ideas why?
  4. Just a question to the others here that have the same Problem do you guys have huge Media Libraries? I have about 60 gb of mp3s on my phone, could it be the media scanner that is running wild?
  5. Build 833 State was: Airplane on, WiFi off, Bluetooth on
  6. This did not help ... At first ... But when I: Killed Poweramp -> enabled flight mode -> reenabled Bluetooth -> the Battery consumption dropped significantly.
  7. VLC does the job and uses only 10% for 8 hours of playback ... When it gets cold outside again and I have cold hands I gonna switch back to Poweramp (dual use FTW).
  8. Sorry, but for now I have to fall back to VLC. I don't think this is good for the Hardware.
  9. Standard mp3 Files 128-386 kbps no high res stuff.
  10. Build 830 Poweramp was open, but screen was off. Music playback to a Bluetooth Headset. The phone got so hot I could almost have cooked an egg on it.
  11. Google Pixel 1 Current Version of Power Amp and Android. Is Poweramp a miner or an audio player?
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