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  1. Yes i think it saves somewhere the position. Because if I open it manually it resume correct. The fact is that is doesn't resume itself if PA is in background.
  2. Resume on Start, this option is enabled and I like it. For the playback position option saved when HU shuts down, I have no way to choose. I tried with the stock launcher too and it do the same.
  3. I ask another thing, if is the wrong place, please tell where I have to ask. When the song is playing, if I switch off the HU (from the key) and it's like it go in standby, I have 2 different behavior: If I'm in the Poweramp app, when I switch it on, music keep playing. If I'm in the Agama launcher, the music go in pause and when I switch it on the music don't keep going play (this ROM has the option to not kill the app working before the sleep). I tried several audio focus combination, but nothing. There is an option I'm missing?
  4. It workeddddddd. I had just to enable button headset/Bluetooth!!! Maybe it can fix for other people too. Thank you Maxmp! P.S: In the Last Processed Commands I saw media_button events.
  5. 02 may 2020, still same issue, Android 9 on head unit, all others mp3 players works good with steering wheel, not the payed version of Poweramp 🙄
  6. Yes. But it's not expensive. The developer is a very good person, he fixed all little bug the skin had after I told him. We stayed in contact for 2/3 weeks to fix all.
  7. I solved long time ago with flyingdutchman'skin (Yaps skin)! With this skin you can make fonts bigger. A big bug is that you can't save skin's settings and if you update the skin you loose all. It's not skin's developers fault but it's PA issue.
  8. Maxmp why you don't add this simple otpion to make font bigger??? I don't think it's so difficult. No way, I did set the device text scaling to bigger one, menus become bigger but not the info of when you play the song (first photo of the thread). This was 6 months ago.........
  9. The 100 songs was an example. I have about 2k songs, with cover, artist and title. I use MP3tag from several years, it's very nice program.
  10. Thank you blaudär. I can't fill all my MP3 genre and album, I have to much files. The reverse option just shown the same thing but in reverse order. And with the join album setting nothing changes. Anyway no matter for the 1 and 2 point. Only the 3 point is very strange, if I click on genre it must show me all songs instead of the "unknown album" folder with a incorrect image (of the first song of the firs folder). With the second click it shows me all the songs.
  11. Hi I have some questions about the genre view. 1) There is a way to view a genre image when you sort by it instead of the default Poweramp image? I have the folder.jpg when you sort by folder and it works good. 2) I have 100 songs (10 with dance genre and 90 with no genre), when i sort by genre, it show me "unknow genre" and "dance". Is possible to not show the "unknow genre" ? 3) If I click on the "dance" genre it show me "unknow album" with the art of the firs song of the first folder! Is possible to show directly the dance songs instead of show the "unknow album"? Or
  12. Hello from Italy. I have the same issue with my android Atoto A6 Pro car unit. From december any news with the OEM UI? I can't find one skin for make bigger fonts.
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