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  1. I stopped using Poweramp a few weeks ago in favor of Google Play Music. I don't miss this POS one bit.
  2. After still having issues with this today, I decided to just go find an APK of an older version, 2.0.6 - build 505. Back to the glory days where I didn't have to deal with this stupid bug. My only regret is not finding an APK in the first place and loading the crack file that came with it instead of paying for an app whose dev apparently ignores a hot-issue bug.
  3. Even since I turned "keep service" back off, this is working like it's supposed to, even after rebooting. Go figure...
  4. After two days of this "keep service" setting on, I can say it certainly works like a charm. However, the battery consumption is not acceptable. I will deal with the tracks starting from the beginning until this gets resolved. Unfortunately, it looks like that may never happen. I'm not sure why this issue now seems to be ignored; there is clearly a problem that was introduced recently.
  5. Exactly... it was indeed two versions ago that this started happening. The next update came out soon after but was not to resolve this issue, and the problem remains. The "keep service" setting works great, but this should not be the resolution.
  6. Well well well... this fixed the problem for me, as well! I tried all of my usual tests with it, and it passed with flying colors. I am a little concerned about what impact this setting has on battery and performance. I assume it will be minimal, and I will keep an eye on it. I don't like that a much older post I found in this forum by an admin suggesting this "keep service" fix for a vaguely similar problem said this fix is for "older, slower phone models." I don't think the Galaxy Nexus would fit this description. The devs should take note of this fix and figure out the underlying cause for needing to use it. Thanks for the tip!
  7. How would one go about keeping the service loaded when idle? Will this create a wakelock situation?
  8. My wife has Poweramp on her Droid RAZR MAXX with stock install (runs ICS). She does not have this issue. That had me thinking that maybe stock and/or ICS might help, so I loaded stock JB for my Galaxy Nexus first and then the last ICS ROM that I personally ran which was AOKP Milestone 6. Both of these installs still gave me this experience of not resuming the song track where I left off. Neither of these roms had this problem at the time I used to run them, but these were with older versions of Poweramp. Since two updates ago, no matter what rom I load, I have this issue. Apparently it affects some and not others. I'm not sure what reporting this to customer service would accomplish. I have exhausted all troubleshooting measures except for rolling back to a previous version. Where would I get access to that?
  9. That's a bummer... this is the latest version in Google Play which I received a few days ago, and it didn't fix the issue for me.
  10. Wen/Max, do we have some acknowledgement on this particular issue? I'm wondering if this is something you're working to resolve. Thanks!
  11. After seeing that the latest update from yesterday didn't fix the problem, I thought I'd try clearing data since I'm always restoring from backup as a crack flasher. Anyway, that didn't resolve the problem.
  12. I confirmed that this happens with wired or BT headsets. Screen on/unlocked (or screen on/locked): hit pause button on headphones --> music pauses and resumes as expected Screen off/locked: hit pause button on headphones --> music stops, starts over at beginning of track I only have 'slide to unlock,' no PIN, pattern or face unlock. Also tried with ICS-style lock screen widget enabled and disabled.
  13. I'm seeing this behavior exclusively with regular old song tracks of varying lengths. I also wonder if it's specific to bluetooth headset buttons versus wired.
  14. I'm really glad you posted this. I came here searching for the same thing. I've been having this same problem with the latest version, and I wondered if it's specific to my ROM. I'm running JBSourcery, so it's gotta be the latest version of Poweramp that is the problem. I have noticed that this happens if you pause while the screen is off. If the screen is on and you pause, it will resume in the correct position. *edit - Galaxy Nexus, JBSourcery 2.3. Never had this problem with previous versions and I've been using this app for a very long time.
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