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  1. @clever_man Do you mean the unlocker? I had someonce purchased the APK. Guess it's from this: https://powerampapp.com/buy-Poweramp/ (buy now, directly).
  2. Hello all, I've been using Poweramp since 2011. I didn't have credit card at the year, so I had someone purchased the unlocker APK. Then I put the APK on Dropbox for convienence. For many years, the unlocker worked fine, both on phones with and without SIM cards... until today. As usual, I install Poweramp via Play Store and download the unlocker APK from Dropbox. After installing the unlocker, Poweramp always give this message: "Cant verify Poweramp License". Checking the running services related to Poweramp, I can only see Player service. No licensing service at all (screenshots are attached). This issue happens on all of my devices: Galaxy Note 4 (Android M) with SIM card installed, Xiaomi Mi 5 (Android O, no SIM card), Nokia 3.1 Plus (Android P, no SIM card). None of them are rooted. Anyone experiencing this?
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