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  1. Any help with these please?
  2. Thank you so much, that fixed it. 😁
  3. I thought I would include my other observations here. I use a Bluetooth speaker (Anker Flare+) with my phone (HTC 10), often times when I pause music from the speaker, I can't resume with the same button. Especially after the phone screen goes off, I have to wake my phone and play on it to listen again. It works 10% of the time and fails 90%. Edit: There's an option to resume songs from where it last played, I do have some 2-3hr songs which gets skipped everytime I enable this option. Any fixes? Thank you again I use android 9 on HTC 10
  4. The latest update messes up the appearance of my folders. I keep having to downgrade the app. Here is a screenshot, most of them now show as "internal storage" instead of simply the folder name like it used to be. Thank you.
  5. So I was wondering about the possibility of adding a service to the app that could help start to play songs or playlists at a specified time? I have a playlist I love playing while I sleep at night, it helps program my subconscious during sleep. Often times I forget to play it, it will be nice to have the app launch on its own without third parties and play songs then stop at scheduled time. Some of us wouldn't mind paying a little for such an integration. Btw, majority have rooted phones, in case such permissions are required. Thank you 🙏
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