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  1. I also tried for everything to find the list of changes, but nothing.
  2. so it was not you? although all the versions of PA that I tested (v2, v3) in my Galaxy S8 were having the same audio problem
  3. external amplifier? my setting is a AKG 3.5mm earbuds.
  4. uh, it looks like you're right. the bass with the limiter turned off does not actually overlap the other frequencies, but if I overdo it, the sound actually explodes (normal)! but there is a problem: in Oreo I always left the preamp higher and with the limiter activated and what makes me more angry is this lower volume !!!
  5. I always used it with the limiter, I never turned it off. in Oreo was always like that.
  6. I'll try to explain as clearly as possible. as I hear a lot of electronic music, the bass and subwoofer has much more evidence on the mid and treble. when they hit, the voices of the singers, treble, everything gets lower at that moment. plus the overall volume of the app that got lower as well. Did you understand?
  7. Does anyone else have these problems that I have? volume and subwoofer overlapping the other frequencies?
  8. with the EQ off that does not happen, but the idea is to use it, right? It's true that the preamp from the middle to the bottom solves a bit this, but in Oreo and I always wore it on the stalk. And about the lowest volume on PIE, do you have something to say about?
  9. I'm an electronic music listener, ex: Deadmau5, Skrillex etc ... I do not use presets, I always change the frequencies one by one giving a little more emphasis in the bass, but it does not mean that I just want it, far from it, hahaha
  10. the point is that in Oreo I did not need to do something like that. I used a limiter in the Oreo and the preamp was always at maximum and the sound was always great
  11. In case it does not matter what configuration I use, if it is with DVC, if it is not with DVC, absolute volume or not, HiRes output or standard output the bass always overlaps the other frequencies, this is clearly a problem after the Pie has arrived since in Oreo it was all more balanced. I'm using the same settings I had in Oreo and this always happens. another thing is that I am having to use up an amplifier app, which in Oreo I could not even increase the volume and without amplifier in the PIE I have to increase almost the whole volume
  12. Since the beta update of Android Pie until the official launch in s8, Poweramp has a problem that really disturbs me. is the fact that bass completely distorts the other frequencies and overlaps all of them. Before on Android Oreo none of that happened, it was perfect, but after I updated it I was very surprised. I did everything, I reset, uninstalled and installed, tried different settings in the equalizer, changed version but did nothing. I am not enjoying the app like before and did not want to go back to Android 8. What solution would you have? PS: even the volume is much lower than the previous version of the system!
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