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  1. Pause music on 0 Volume feature doesn't working. It has been worked well until the new update came.
  2. I am getting this icon as default Poweramp icon in my POCO x2
  3. We want Poweramp default icon which is shown in the play store. It looks more modern and beautiful.
  4. Automatic day/night mode will turn white background into black/dark (and black font into white) at the night time. The timer can be 18:00 to 6:00 as default or customizable. Most of the app as well as music players have this feature that helps to see easily in the night time and prevents harmful blue light. I prefer light theme over dark theme so setting dark theme permanently is not my cup of tea. Please consider this feature in next update 🙏
  5. Please make the elapsed waveseek bar more visible in the dark skin.
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