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  1. I've been facing this super embarrassing problem where the audio starts blasting (the same volume as my headphones), through the phone speaker. It's happened on the train and in class and its super embarrassing. Is anyone familiar with this issue?
  2. Same happens to me. This needs to be fixed so annoying. Turning off DVC doesn't sound as good as when it's on
  3. So basically I want to use custom album art for specific tracks in certain albums but I would have to remove the "Album" tag in the "info/tags" section in order for that track to have different album art than the whole album. Is there any way to keep the "Album" tag and still have different album arts across different tracks of the same album? I need to do this because (1) I can't view every track on the album in the "Albums" tab and (2) last.fm doesn't count the scrobble as a part of the album without the tag. Thanks in advance
  4. Unfortunately none of that worked and I had to redownload all the album art all over again. Was tedious as hell, but I think this is a fixable issue. We just need an update that has the app detect Bluetooth devices as BLUETOOTH and not Chromecast
  5. Similar thing happened to this person. I need to prevent my device from detecting Poweramp audio as Cast and Bluetooth instead
  6. This is my first post and this has been pissing me off so much, I had to create an account. Everytime I am starting up the Poweramp app, my system volume is reset back to 0. I am using Bluetooth Taotronics BH-16 earbuds and Galaxy S9+ if that helps. Is this a bug or is there a hidden setting I need to check off? Thank you in advance.
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