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  1. Indeed. I hadn't considered a rescan, simply because I'd never had to do one since who knows when. Thanks again, sorry for the wild goose chase. And for calling you Andrew up and down this thread, despite you including your name in every post. Doh.
  2. Aaaannnd solved. A full rescan resulted in the tracks appearing in the correct display order. I can't remember the last time I did a full rescan. We live and learn. Thanks for your help, Andrew. Greatly appreciated.
  3. Ah, apologies. I must've got a bit over zealous when cropping. Attached below are 6 new images, not cropped. As you'll see, I've enabled Disc on Lists. Weirdly, even though the disc number on files stored on my desktop is set to 0 for all of these files, the disc number only shows up in the PA track listing against some of the tracks - but not in a way that would explain the problem. Also, the disc number isn't displayed in any of the metadata for the tracks. So, hmm.
  4. 4th. Apols, the image order is different to my description above - I can't see the images when uploading!
  5. Thanks again, Andrew. Before I send the files to my phone, I check the metadata as content providers can be a bit cavalier about that kind of thing. So, for the podcasts I upload, the Disc # is always 0 - it seems from the screenshots below that this means that Disc# doesn't show in the metadata displayed. I sometimes have to edit the track number before uploading though. I've checked and all of the files involved in this issue have consistent metadata. The attached images show 1) The sorting order 2) The list of tracks in one of the affected folders, showing the incorrect order. The tracks at the top (before 250) are ones where I've edited the metadata within PA to "change" the track number to the same number, and re-saved. The newest files numbered 250 - 252 one are ones I uploaded after the recent PA update over a few days. You'll see that after 252 (the latest upload) the order goes back to where it was before 250. 3) The metadata for file 209, an older file, as an example. 4) the metadata for file 250, showing the correct track number.
  6. Hi Andrew. Thanks for the reply. I made the change you suggested, and the correct track numbers appear in the list, but the sorting issue remains. It does seem like metadata isn't being read or interpreted fully when new files are added. I'll try adding a new file while PA is actually running, and report back a little later and I'll post explanatory images.
  7. Samsung Galaxy S7, stock Android v9 Poweramp version v3.build.860-amd-play Since updating to this version a few days ago, I've experienced an apparent bug when adding files to existing folders (SD card, in my case). I listen to podcasts and download new episodes, usually, singly, to my desktop. I thin fix any issues with metadata and then upload them, generally one at a time with days in between each upload, to the per-existing podcast folders on my phone to play later in PA. The sort order is by track number. The issue is that new files that I add to existing folders are then shown at the top of the list for that podcast, not the bottom which was the case prior. So, I might see newly added episode 250 at the top of the list, then 200, 201, 202 etc. rather than 250 appearing at the bottom of the list. If I edit the metadata for the oldest episode, say 200, to overwrite the track number *with the same number as was already there (i.e. keep track number 200)* and save, it will then move back to the top, with 250 next, then 201, 202 etc. Same happens when I edit but don't change the track number for eps 201, 202 etc. If I edit episode 250 in the same way, it stays in the "wrong"place in the order. I find that if I delete all podcasts from that folder, then FTP them back again from my desktop, the sort order is preserved, so ep 250 appears at the bottom of the list, correctly. This is also the case if I copy a new set of grouped tracks, from an album say, to a new folder - the sort order is observed correctly too. So, it looks like something has gone wrong with the import process to existing folders such that track numbers aren't being observed properly. This becomes apparent when tracks are sorted by track order (default, I think). Anyone else seen this? Anyone happy to try replicating?
  8. The new build seems to have done the trick. I've played around with different tracks and Now Playing has always shown the correct name so far. Thanks to Max for his efforts!
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