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  1. Thanks for the replies. I didn't want to seent ungrateful - I do enjoy the app and appreciate the replies here. Glad to see that I'm not alone in this and that it might be solved.
  2. Yeah, but that's just adding extra steps to achieve the same goal (add queue at the beginning and at the end you have to remember to clear it). Doesn't seem very efficient. I also love using queues, but I guess in a certain way, which is why I posted this in the first place.
  3. Why are those the only two options?! I'd much rather the queue function just like in any other player. Maybe a solution is to have whatever you're now playing (album/song) be put automatically in the queue, and then if you added something to the end of the queue it would make sense. On the other hand, if you don't add something to the queue but instead juat choose to play something else, then whatever that is can replace whatever is in the queue.
  4. I guess that would work work, but it's a workaround that is counterintuitive to the way I usually use a music app. Usually I just pick an album and go with it, and near the end I choose another one and so on and so on. Your suggestion would mean I'd have endless playlists or start by playing from the queue, not the albums tab.
  5. Hey. I'm new to Power amp and I quite enjoy it - though there are a few things that would make me enjoy it even more: 1)Disable shuffle - Sometimes I enjoy listening to songs on shuffle, and sometimes to full albums from beginning to end. The problem is that when, for example, I listen to "all songs" on shuffle, but then sometime later I want to listen to an albun in the correct order, the shuffle is still on. I personally would find it more comfortable if it would be disabled if I were to start playing a new album, instead of me having to switch it off manually. 2) Shuffle list - would it be possible to see the entire Playlist as it would be played after you switch on shuffle? And maybe even be able to alter it manually? Right now you only see the next track. 3) playing next/queue - Usually when I listen to an album, I choose it from the albums tab. And near the end (lets say 2 or 3tracks before the last one) , I would like to be able to choose the next album to play once this album is done. The way it is right now is that at best, the next album will be played immediately after the current song ends. 4) Once you choose to play an album, there seems to be a lot of redundant information on the track names (pic attatched). Not only do you see the album name and the artist at the top, but you also see it on each track. It would be simpler and easier on the eyes if the tracks only had the track names, without the artist and the album. At the top you'd still have the artist and album, so it wouldn't be missing. This may seem like a lot, but I really do enjoy the app and I make these suggestions/requests so it can be perfect, for me at least. Thanks for the good work!
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