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  1. The same problem with my Meizu Pro 5 Since the last update of the Poweramp, it crashes. The system did not changed Poweramp has all the permissions and I do not use any task killers or anything kind of that. And still, after 4-5 minutes of playback, music stops. Poweramp says, that the process was killed by the system. Also, I did tried to change the setting of Poweramp-wakelock, notification, but still the same. The only one way to use it today is to switch the brightness to the minimal level and switch the option Always keep the screen turned on in Poweramp. Also, I tried to re-instal the app, but there is no result Comments on Google play says, that there are several people with such problems, so I hope, it will be fixed in the nearest time... Phone: Meizu Pro 5 Poweramp: Build 823 Unlocker: Bought from the site in 2013 Software: Android 5.1, Flyme
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