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  1. Yes, I guess they are. I hope the developer fixes this issue in the next update.
  2. I use a Samsung Galaxy S8+ (Exynos variant) that runs on the stock One UI ROM running Android Pie.
  3. Yes, you're right. But, the small triangle icon next to the "Poweramp" text in the top left corner is opposite of what the current state of the song is. If you play the song then that icon at the corner turns into a split square and when you pause the song the icon at the corner turns into the triangle, they work in an opposite manner. I can send a video or a GIF if you want to see exactly what I'm talking about.
  4. Hi, I noticed that Poweramp is showing opposite icons while pausing and playing music in the notification panel. It shows a ▶️ while playing music and ⏸️ while pausing music (look at the top left corner of each picture next to the "Poweramp" text, ignore the black background), which is supposed to be opposite. The "Pause" & "Play" indicate the current state of the music.
  5. Hi, I how do I refund my purchase of Poweramp unlocker? I know that there is a guide in the app itself, but I'm getting confused. Can you provide me a better guide in doing so?
  6. Okay, thanks for the help. Are there chances that Poweramp might get integrated with WhatsApp in future, so that I'll be able to send songs directly by taping on "paperclip" icon and then tapping the "headphone" icon?
  7. Thanks for the reply! Can't you directly send songs through WhatsApp? Does Poweramp not have integration with WhatsApp?
  8. Hey, I wanted to know how do you Poweramp to select and send music through apps like WhatsApp? Right now I have only have Google Play music installed on my phone (Galaxy S8+), because that's the only app through which I can send audio to recipients (P.S: I deleted the Play Music App later on because it was boring). Although I also have an option to delete Google Play music from my phone, if I did it, it will give me an error saying "You may not have a proper app for viewing this content" when I click on the "earphone" icon in a WhatsApp conversation to send an audio file. I'm on Android P, is there a setting to change this? In this case I'm planning to use Poweramp as my Primary music player, because it's better than any other app I have ever used and it's feature rich.
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