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  1. I've used the latest version for a couple of days now and haven't seen any more excessive battery drain. Thanks to everyone who helped fix the issue!
  2. For what it's worth, I exclusively use file-based playlists and consistently experience the battery drain with newer versions. I've seen it with both large and small playlists.
  3. This graph is of my battery capacity, so any statistics lost between installs is irrelevant. After installing 843, I did literally nothing on my phone except listen to music for 3 hours while working and it consumed 25%. I then downgraded and listened for another 2 hours while working, doing nothing else on my phone. This accurately shows the difference in power usage between both versions on my phone.
  4. I've attached a screenshot of using version 843 followed by downgrading back to 820. You can see a steep difference in power consumption.
  5. I tried version 843 and still get much higher battery drain compared to 820, though I don't think it's as pronounced as some of the other versions.
  6. I never had the beta of Google Play Services installed and encounter the issue for any version newer than 820, including the build posted without Play Services integration.
  7. How can you be so sure it's Google services when it's reproducible on the build without Google services?
  8. I still have the battery drain after installing this APK. I guess that rules out Google services being the culprit.
  9. Keep notification and keep service are both off. I use wired headphones.
  10. That's average usage over the last week. The current usage (on the top of the screenshot) is 4.2%, which according to his post was over the course of 20 minutes. That sounds like an incredible amount if drain.
  11. Screen was off and any playback control was done with an inline remote.
  12. @maxmp it didn't take long for the battery drain to happen, even after disabling Chromecast support and restarting my phone. I have attached a screenshot of the battery usage over a ~2.5 hour period after updating back to the latest version. After restarting my phone it was at about 95% battery remaining. I listened to music for ~30 minutes after rebooting, which you can see with the first slight drop in battery. I believe the drain was more or less normal during this period. I think didn't listen to music for a while, which you can see with the flat line where there was next to no battery usage. Afterward I listened to music for another 40 or so minutes as I finished up at work, then another 20 minutes on my drive home. (it was playing through an aux cable in the car) During this time the battery drained very fast, as the graph shows, and the phone was hot. After getting home, I went for a 30 minute walk, during which I did not listen to music or use my phone at all. (apart from a couple glances to see the state of the battery) The phone was still hot at first, though it did eventually cool down. While the battery usage was less than the massive drain earlier, it continued to drain batter even when not otherwise in use, as compared to the flat line earlier when it had entered deep sleep. Based on the slope of the graph, the drain when not in use during my walk was even greater than the normal drain when it had normal drain during playback earlier. While the battery usage shows 11% for Poweramp and 1% from Google Play services, since it started at about 95% the total drain was closer to 20%. For reference, during a typical day it will start at 100% in the morning, and between listening to music throughout the day (maybe ~6 hours total playtime) and other light usage I will be ~80% remaining when I get home without any charging in-between. Based on this, I think we can rule out the Chromecast integration as the culprit. I do not see constant progress bars in the library, and my library is on internal storage (I don't even have an SD card slot on my phone), so I don't think re-scanning is the problem either.
  13. @maxmp my point is that you might get different results with real-world usage where you interact with the app compared to just letting it play untouched overnight. I definitely had much, much higher drain than normal, with the phone getting hot. I had previously downgraded to 820 to avoid the problem, but I installed 823 again, disabled the Chromecast button in the UI settings, restarted my phone, and will report back if that has any impact.
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