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    SD card folder name?

    thanks mark
  2. mkevenson

    Can anyone recommend a low priced DAP?

    Pono no longer being produced. When I owned and used the Pono, I did not have the S9. My failing memory does not allow me to remember the specific interactions. Sorry. Mark
  3. mkevenson

    SD card folder name?

    New PA user. My SD card is named 3938-84E6 in the PA folder . I am wondering why? The 2 folders being shown are 3938-84E6 ( SD card) Emulated ( internal storage} Using Galaxy S9+ Thanks for your consideration. Hope this question is not too elementary. Mark
  4. mkevenson

    Can anyone recommend a low priced DAP?

    Hello, new to this forum. In my opinion, a DAP of that price is most likely going to be of lesser quality than your current phone. Of course that all depends on your current phone. I have been in the market for a DAP several months, former Pono owner, I use a Galaxy S9+ for my music player and rather than buying a DAP, I purchased a Mojo by Chord for $479. The sound is great. This is a DAC and amplifier in one. A little bulky but no more than carrying a DAP and phone. Many variables, especially dependant on what music files you use , or may want to use, as well as what audio and manufacturing quality you want. Mark