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  1. Was wondering would it be possible to create a Green Bay Packers styled skin. That's my squad and I rep 'em to da death!!! Every gadget I have has Green Bay Packers wallpapers, font colors... The works!!! I had even styled the old v2 to represent my squad. So if anybody could step up and design one along those lines, I will be eternally grateful... And if you were so inclined to tastefully add the Green Bay Logo in it... I WILL THROW MONEY AT YOU!!! Lol. Keep up the awesome work and GO PACK GO!!!
  2. Ya Boy Finna Go Deep Wit Poweramp!!! Finally A Music Player For Hip-Hop Headz Like Yourz Truly Who Demand The Best Quality Sound That Dem Bomb Kutz Deserve!!! I'm Sayin Tho... Individual EQ Settings For Every Song!!! For Wired & BTooth Headphones??? WHAT?!?!?! Yeah I'm Gonna Have Some Serious Fun Wit Da AMP!!! Holla At Ya Boy!!!


    1. DaBeatFactory!!!️️🎧


      Damn!!! Dis Shit Is Da Truth!!! And That's Just An Hour Of Playing Around Wit It!!! Yeah... I'm Gonna Like Geeking On Poweramp!!! Time To Twist Up, Blaze Up And Amp Up!!!

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