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  1. Just a quick update from my end. I've tried using VLC and it streams perfectly. So there must be something either with the settings in Poweramp or with the chromecast integration that's causing the stuttering. I'm willing to do some testing and send logs as I'd like to just use Poweramp for everything
  2. @maxmp Anything else we can try? Still experiencing issues :/
  3. Any ideas of what could cause this? Still experiencing multiple pauses per song
  4. I've added both to the battery list. Still experiencing some skipping. Any suggestions if it's not an issue with Poweramp?
  5. V3 Build 823 Samsung S8 Oreo Hello, I recently picked up a Chromecast audio when Poweramp added cast support. However I seem to be having some sort of connection issue between Poweramp and my Chromecast. The music will start but often stutters or stops completely, requiring me to pause the music and restart. I've experienced this across multiple devices. I tested VLC casting and it seems to work fine. I tried maxing out the buffer but it doesn't seem to help. See screenshot attached if that's any help. Any suggestions?
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