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  1. Whatever this problem is, is actually caused by the "disable absolute volume" function in android developer options. It's actually become worse for me when it's enabled now. No clue what the cause is.
  2. Note 10+ had an Android update this past week or so. I'll try it tho. Edit: No dice. I guess DVC and Bluetooth just don't work well together. I'll just avoid it. I can use the no dvc headgain option to try and get as good of bass as I can.
  3. Seems like it's buggy on Android 10 maybe? I tried turning it back on and now everything sounds like a 2/15 on max volume. Clearly something is wrong here.
  4. It sounds better, but from what I read it's supposed to help me get the maximum volume? Why is it quieter? I've used Poweramp for years but only now decided to try different things as I've bought very high quality earbuds and can hear differences more. Google says it helps with better bass and maximum loudness. But if I had to guess it reduces volume by 2 or so on the scale of 15. So a 5/15 sounds like a 3/15. For references the 15 comes from how many clicks you have from muted to max volume on the Android slider. Just curious as I have to turn up my music more this way and max isn't max any more.
  5. Replay gain is helpful to normalize volume indirectly. In my experience it won't affect music that's already a good volume, however quieter tracks will now be louder if set for a positive value. Preamp just needs everything to somewhat horrifying levels depending on how high you go.
  6. It's been a while since I've used Poweramp. Upon moving to Android 9, some of my music only shows as 0:02 for the length. If I delete the folder and play the music by telling ES FIle explorer to play in Poweramp, it runs perfectly fine. Can anyone help me fix this? I don't understand why it's a problem. It is also able to play 2 songs of the album just fine. Music is FLAC format.
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