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  1. Understood. It's too bad that it's not a little more flexible in the layout to accommodate the variety of displays that it can potentially run on with Android, including the horizontal split screens. Perhaps someone skinned a version that does responsive layouts. I'll have to investigate further.
  2. This works..mostly. It seems that longer title songs stumble a bit as probably a combination of road noise and Assistant's "impatience" , leads it to cutoff, especially if I'm not giving it an internet connection. But by using that exact order of phrasing, it does indeed bypass Play Music and open the song (or an Artists Folder) in Poweramp from the local library. Thank you! Will Assistant FF, Rew, Pause, Volume or Skip in Poweramp? If so, what phrases work?
  3. So are you saying the two can't live together or that you just temporarily disabled Play Music? Android does have another stock music player, of course. Why isn't that the one Assistant tries to startup? Has to be a setting..or order of install?
  4. With the latest version of V3 (with the unlocker) running in Oreo, when I use voice commands/Google Assistant and call for a song, I get my Play Music service instead of Poweramp. If I tell it to open Poweramp, it of course does, but does nothing else, it just opens the app with no play or search function. What are the settings to get PA to be the default for Google Assistant commands like "play ..." or even have it look for songs in the local library via voice? What commands will PA respond to by voice? thanks.
  5. I've got the latest version of PA V3 and the unlocker on an Android PX5 head unit (Chinese) running 8.0 (Oreo). The screen resolution isn't enormous at 1024x600, so my question is this: I can slip Poweramp into a split screen window, but it doesn't scale to keep the controls visible. Part of the player is visible, the rest is cutoff. Dragging left or right, like an attempt to scroll, just changes the song of course. Is there a minimum window size that it won't scale down below and so just isn't ever going to be displayed right in 500 px? Or am I missing a setting?
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