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  1. Thank you for answer and suggestions. I tried your skin but the cover is not "full size". See attached screenshot. This happens with both your skins. The cover in the screenshot is 800x600, not know if depends on screen resolution (I think the screen of my Honor 8 Pro is FHD).
  2. Hi! I'm a Poweramp user and I like the new V3. I also like the default skins (white and dark). What I don't like in this skins is the title track and the name of album on the cover. I know that is possible to place this titles under the cover, but this reduce the size of the cover and I don't like this. There is a skin like the default ones with the original cover size and the title placed somewhere under the cover? Looking a the actual skin, this is possible reducing the bar where are placed the control buttons and the spectrum of the song. Can this be set with some option or exists a skin? Thank you!
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