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  1. During normal usage, able to see the visualiser bars moving and song title present with Poweramp on the live wallpaper. During screen casting, visualiser bars cannot be seen. Only title can be seen. Does not have such issues when playing and mirroring using Google Play Music. Hence I believe it's a setting issue. Does anyone have any ideas?
  2. Ok solved my no album art issue by clearing Poweramp app data and re-scan and re-setup the settings again. For the music still playing through phone speakers after disconnecting Android Auto, I set a Command intent 14 upon Android Auto disconnection within Tasker to go around the problem.
  3. Oh so you were able to see album art when you select the 4th icon which looks like the headphone while in Android Auto?
  4. Ahhh didn't see your point 4. Could you add the no album art in as well? Thanks.
  5. Submitted the form. Not sure if this is a bug. When playing through Android Auto, I do not see album art like I would see if I play Google Play Music on Android Auto. Next, when playing Poweramp though Android Auto, after car is switched off, the music continued playing through phone speakers instead of stopping. Can we have the music auto stop playing once Android Auto is disconnected or once car is switched off instead of continue playing through phone speakers?
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