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  1. Hello! I used to utilize the separate Sleep Timer app in order to stop my Poweramp music while I sleep. Ir has since stopped working with Poweramp, but now I remember that Poweramp has a built-in feature for it! However, it's only 120 minutes long. Could we get the amount of time before sleep to go even farther? The third party Sleep Timer app allows for crazy amounts of time. Could we get the built-in timer to go to 999 minutes, etc please?
  2. Okay, so I'm going to guess I'm dumb and haven't found this. However, I use this app each night when going to bed and I keep having trouble with the following: I have a playlist that I use for passive listening but sometimes I want to start on a specific song. However, when using Search it chooses the song in the group of ALL songs. I would like to search just the playlist so when shuffling (after first choosing the song), it continues playing music within the playlist. I've searched quite a bit and messed with the Search filters but it always chooses songs from my whole pool. Could a Playlist-only Search be added or could I be given a step-by-step on how I may do this if I'm just missing it?
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