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  1. After the lastest update (to Build 820) deleting an entry from a .m3u based playlist now works fine and does no longer result in an empty playlist. Great! Thanks Rainer
  2. Hello maxmp the playlists are stored on my "external" micro sdcard. I am not 100% sure I explicitly allowed PA to access the sdcard however it must have access since I tested to add a song to a playlist and then checked if the song was in the .m3u file, and it was. Then I tested removing an entry which led to the empty playlist. I think I had to allow PW once to access my sdcard. In this case a filebrowser was opened where I had to select the device (internal/sd) that I want to grant access to and then had to confirm this action. I just rececked to add one title to the playlist and this title is immediately afterwards in the corresponding .m3u file. Next I deleted this very title again from the playlist and after exiting from PA the playlist .m3u file was empty again. My mobile is a Samsung S8 running Android 8.0.0
  3. Hello andrewilley, I tested to delete one title (randomly selected) from a total of three .m3u based playlists that I have on my sdcard under the "Music/" folder. Then I exited from PA and each of the three playlists had a size of 0bytes. Then I restored the whole folder containing the playlists including the three I had tested and again removed one song from each of the three playlists. Again all of them were empty afterwards. So for me it seems to happen reliably. Have a nice day Rainer
  4. Hi, I just tried to remove one song from a .m3u file based playlist, that can be played without problems. In the playlist view I long pressed the title I wanted to remove which was then displayed with a check mark. Next I tapped "delete" and confirmed in pop up with a simple "delete" (not "delete files") again. The song is removed from the list while the other songs are still shown, but when I look at the .m3u file afterwards it has been truncated to 0 bytes and after a restart of PA the list is correctly also shown to be empty. So a removal of one song from a playlist deletes all entries from a .m3u playlist file. Thanks Rainer
  5. Hi Andre, thank you very much for your explanation. I didn't know about the distinction between categories and playlists in PA. I was talking about the category "Top Rated." So for my purpose I could tag a song by tapping "Thumb up" to the category "Top Rated" and then copy all the songs contained in this category to a playlist that in turn can be exported and imported on another device. What I ask myself is if I also (on the second device) can import the Playlist to the Category meaning all songs contained in the playlist should be tagged "Top Rated" to belong to this category afterwards? Else the only way would be to forget about the Top Rated category and simply use my own playlist "My Top Rated Playlist" where I add songs to instead of pressing "Thumb up". This would also work for my purpose but would mean some more taps to add a song compared to the single tap on "Thumb up" for adding the song to the category. Thanks Rainer
  6. Hi, I try to export the favorites playlist in PA so that I can import it on a second device with exactly< the same music collection so that I have the same favorites on both devices. My problem is that if I try to export this playlist by selecting the favorites playlist, then select "three dots menu"-> List options-> "*"->"export Poweramp playlists" PA creates the base directory "Playlists" but does not write any playlist file inside this directory and also tells me that 0 playlists have been exported. Is the favorites playlist not considered to be an internal playlist that can be exported? How else can I keep the favorites on different devices in sync using the mobile with PA to set favorites? Forgot to say ...: I am running PA on my Samsung Galaxy S8, PA Version V3 Build 816 Thanks Rainer
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